Building the House

Give a New House Some Old Soul, Part 1

The Conundrum: I have a confession: I'm really not a big fan of new houses. That doesn't make very much sense... seeing as we are building a new house. Don't get me wrong, I am very excited about no roof replacements for at least 25 years, brand new paint, the perfect layout and not having… Continue reading Give a New House Some Old Soul, Part 1

Building the House

Be a Closer: A Construction Loan Closer

Surviving the construction loan closing like a pro If you have been following our house building journey for any amount of time... you might be wondering if we will ever actually build a house or if we just like talking about building a house! It may not seem like we know how to be closers.… Continue reading Be a Closer: A Construction Loan Closer

Building the House

New Construction Appraisals

What can go wrong and how to avoid it happening to you! We've scrimped and saved. We've waited, agonized and prayed... and FINALY we heard back from the bank and the appraiser. Our first appraisal did not go well. In short, our project appraised for several thousand dollars less than it would cost to build.… Continue reading New Construction Appraisals

Building the House

How Long Does It Take to Build a House?

You probably already know that building a house usually takes longer than you might expect. But, do you know how long the build up is to building a house? Us either! So many people shared with us "Be prepared for delays. Building a house can take a long time." NO ONE said, however, "be prepared… Continue reading How Long Does It Take to Build a House?

The Woods

Growing Deeper Roots… Literally

Spring has (finally) arrived to our nine acre forest and, for heaven's sake, we're so glad!! Winter felt like it would never leave us. Now, when we walk through our property no two walks are the same. There is an exciting emergence of brand new baby leaves, strange plants I've never seen and flower buds… Continue reading Growing Deeper Roots… Literally

Building the House

How To Build A Home With No Regrets

I've known people who have designed and built their dream home only to walk in when it's finished and say... 'we hate it, we don't want to live here.'" -REALTOR WE MET. NAME: UNKNOWN Ummm... what??!! One day while David and I were creepily touring a new construction model home (with absolutely no intention to… Continue reading How To Build A Home With No Regrets

Building the House, The Woods

Well… We’re Stumped!

Clearing land is no joke people. Picture nine acres of forest, never inhabited by anything but squirrels, deer, birds and rabbits (Snow White's dream property! -minus the dwarfs). Imagine tall tree after tall tree, wild grape vines, wild rose bushes, raspberry bushes and blueberry bushes. Imagine meandering little streams running through the woods on their… Continue reading Well… We’re Stumped!

Building the House

Little Money, Big Dreams

How to achieve your goals when cash is tight. Plus, four things you need to know about construction loans... Whether you are trying to build your dream home, begin a project you’ve been waiting forever to tackle or have another goal that seems impossible because of … well, money, read on to discover the money… Continue reading Little Money, Big Dreams

Building the House

Building a Home: Where On Earth Do We Start?

"I didn't know how to do all of this! Do we get a loan first and then get a contractor? Do we get a contractor and then a loan? When is the first time you actually have to pay your contractor? Would a contractor laugh at me if I didn't already have financing? Would a… Continue reading Building a Home: Where On Earth Do We Start?

Building the House

Designing House Plans… On a Budget

So... we decided to build. We bought the land. Now, what do we build on it? Designing our own house plans presented a set of challenges we weren't prepared for. Of course, we couldn't just make things easy on ourselves and simply choose a ready made house plan that comes with a nominal fee and… Continue reading Designing House Plans… On a Budget