Organic Gardening for Beginners

Personal and Literal Growth While We Wait They say waiting is supposed to help you grow. Apparently, it develops patience. Well... you would think we would have had bucket loads of patience by now. While we wait for septic and building permits to go through before our new home build can actually start I just… Continue reading Organic Gardening for Beginners

Building the House

Be a Closer: A Construction Loan Closer

Surviving the construction loan closing like a pro If you have been following our house building journey for any amount of time... you might be wondering if we will ever actually build a house or if we just like talking about building a house! It may not seem like we know how to be closers.… Continue reading Be a Closer: A Construction Loan Closer

Building the House

New Construction Appraisals

What can go wrong and how to avoid it happening to you! We've scrimped and saved. We've waited, agonized and prayed... and FINALY we heard back from the bank and the appraiser. Our first appraisal did not go well. In short, our project appraised for several thousand dollars less than it would cost to build.… Continue reading New Construction Appraisals

Building the House

Designing House Plans… On a Budget

So... we decided to build. We bought the land. Now, what do we build on it? Designing our own house plans presented a set of challenges we weren't prepared for. Of course, we couldn't just make things easy on ourselves and simply choose a ready made house plan that comes with a nominal fee and… Continue reading Designing House Plans… On a Budget

Building the House

Our Roots Run Deep… or they will eventually

David and I are building our very first new construction home. We got married about 2.5 years ago after meeting in Paris and getting married in Hawaii (insert: "Thank you, David, for being from there!!!!!!"). We don't shy away from adventure- or do anything halfway. So when it came to deciding where we should live… Continue reading Our Roots Run Deep… or they will eventually