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This is one thing anyone can do to avoid serious design mistakes!

Trying to choose decor that both you and your partner will like can be a challenging task. Add the pressure to choose finishes and materials that are supposed to be lasting loves over the long haul? Talk about intimidating! Here, I share the visual inspiration I’ve collected from Pinterest, Instagram and the book Home Body by Joanna Gaines.

The images shown below were collected, organized and marked up using an iPad application called “Notability.” It’s amazing and we’ve used it for everything in our house build project including the original custom sketches of our house plans! (No, we are not affiliates of the Gaines family or Apple… these resources have just been super helpful to us!) (Also… the Notability App for the iPad allows extreme zoom in and zoom out options, so your dream boards won’t be disrupted by written notes. Again, it’s amazing… but it might be difficult to see some of my chicken scratch below because I’ve used this feature so heavily. So, I’ve tried to give you the jist of things below each image.) If you don’t have access to this app, this has been done for years by clipping pictures manually and placing them together.

Enjoy the inspiration!

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Elements of copper, natural wood finishes and marble bring an airiness to the kitchen space. We hope to have natural wood finished lowers- they don’t show the mess!- and white painted uppers to give a similar feel to open shelving without leaving all of our stuff out in the open.

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The low profile, comfort and easy clean up of these faux leather mid century modern chairs helped to formulate the whole dinning room concept. The rug adds beautiful color and won’t easily show dirt or crumbs! We don’t have kids yet… but we are messy enough to need these things just for the two of us. Plus, we love to linger around the table to play games and talk the night away. Comfort makes that more likely to happen.


Our living room will have a 17 foot tall x 10 foot wide window. The room is made cozy with a wood burning stove, warm leather and grey textiles and with a clean warm white on the walls to contrast the black window frames. We wanted to bring rustic elements in, like the cement behind the wood burning stove to echo the rustic forest scene outside the feature window.


This will be a laundry room, pantry and mudroom combination. Because the room will be highly trafficked, but not large, we wanted to up the style elements while maximizing storage. If you can make out the tiny drawing at the bottom this is how I envision built-ins being added to this space. Included in this image is a page taken from Home Body by Joanna Gaines. It provides a lot of things to consider as you design a utility room space. I keep it here for reference… don’t want to forget anything important! Might as well learn from those who do it well.

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Dark teal will pack a punch in the small powder room located off the mudroom. Would you believe I found almost this exact mirror at a discount antique store a few days after I pinned that mirror picture! We snapped that baby up immediately. The quote by Thoreau, as well as the tree art, will remind guests they are in a woodsy retreat while they are guests in our home.

#antiquemirror #masterbath #tub #blackframeshower #homebody #marblebathroom #bathroomdesign #magnolia #modernfarmhouse #timelessdesign

Classic black and white highlighted by antique elements will accentuate the master-bath in our new home. Some unexpected surprises like a re-purposed dresser turned vanity and frosted-glass black window pane shower enclosure will make the space unique, yet still timeless.

That’s all I’ve got so far! Putting these together has been super helpful for us in figuring out the concepts we are going for in each room, deciding on possible layouts and looking at finish choices. It also has helped us figure out things like… “I think we need to put a plug right there if we plan to have a lamp beside the couch in the middle of the room.” Or, “Let’s see what kind of light fixture I’m supposed to pick for the powder room… wall or ceiling? Wait, what?? There is nothing in the finalized plans for a light in the powder room?? Good luck with your aim everyone, because there isn’t even a window in there!” No, seriously that happened.

Therefore, If you are building a house… please please please go through a process like this one. It will save you big time.

What do you think of these designs? I would love to hear from you! All suggestions and critiques welcome!

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