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Give a New House Some Old Soul, Part 2

Giving a new house some character is the challenge of our new build! In our last post, we discussed how the use of finishes can bring real soul character to an new home even before you decorate!

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Before You Use Stock Cabinetry- Think Again

Stock bathroom and kitchen cabinetry… even custom cabinetry can look very ‘blah’ if it looks like everyone else’s run-of-the-mill same old cabinets. I get it… getting a custom or special design can be costly. Unless…

Giving a New House Character, with upcycled bathroom cabinets

In this bathroom (left), the owner took an old (read: cheap garage sale find) dining room buffet and turned it into this dynamite double bathroom vanity. To quote my uncle (who knows how to do everything), “It’s pretty easy to convert a dresser into a vanity. All you need to do is remove the top and replace it with a vanity top. Some dressers need some drawer modification, though.”

The other photos (right and center) show that even a simple table can be layered with a sink to achieve an equally dreamy old world feel to this lovely bathroom.

I’m a garage sale junkie and am still on the look out for my perfect piece… but these little diamonds of inspiration have me all googly-eyed over the custom feel and great character that old stock cabinets just couldn’t bring!

Giving a new house character, with a repurposed kitchen island

Above you’ll see this idea interpreted in two ways. One homeowner found a large piece of furniture and utilized it as is, putting it up against a constructed island which holds a sink a cook top. This could be done easily in any home without any construction (given that you have enough room and the right piece of furniture)! It’s a great way to increase your countertop space while injecting some soul and character into your home.

The second homeowner transformed an existing lovely old piece of furniture by installing a traditional countertop surface on it’s top. Either way, I’m sure you’ll agree that the result is stunning!

Giving a new house character, with recycled kitchen cabinets

Who says cabinets need to match? Recent kitchen trends are moving away from the ever popular all white design to a more colorful design. Many kitchens are now comprised with difference colored upper and lower cabinets and others have harnessed old world character by mixing new cabinets and shelving with pre-loved finds.

This shift in kitchen design is the perfect backdrop to inject some more character into your new home by incorporating pre-used cabinets and furniture in your new kitchen. These kitchens are so much more interesting and warm than one filled with stock cabinetry! Plus, think of how much less cleaning you will have to do! White shows everything, but part of the beauty of re using kitchen cabinetry is the grain and imperfect paint will hide blemishes and grime until you are able to get to it!

I hope you have found some inspiration on how you can give your new home some soul!

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