The Woods

Growing Deeper Roots… Literally

Spring has (finally) arrived to our nine acre forest and, for heaven's sake, we're so glad!! Winter felt like it would never leave us. Now, when we walk through our property no two walks are the same. There is an exciting emergence of brand new baby leaves, strange plants I've never seen and flower buds… Continue reading Growing Deeper Roots… Literally

Building the House, The Woods

Well… We’re Stumped!

Clearing land is no joke people. Picture nine acres of forest, never inhabited by anything but squirrels, deer, birds and rabbits (Snow White's dream property! -minus the dwarfs). Imagine tall tree after tall tree, wild grape vines, wild rose bushes, raspberry bushes and blueberry bushes. Imagine meandering little streams running through the woods on their… Continue reading Well… We’re Stumped!

Building the House, The Woods

Buying the Land of Our Dreams… on a budget

"Finding Our Home Roots" Deciding to Build The dream of building our own home started when we had been married for only about one year. I had already owned and sold a fixer upper. It was such an enjoyable experience to make something my own. David, though, always had dreams of having a large piece… Continue reading Buying the Land of Our Dreams… on a budget