About Us

Welcome to House Roots, a small town Ohio blog about living the life of your dreams on a budget. With experience in world travel, building a home and living an unprocessed and beautiful lifestyle in their nine acre forest, Amanda & David provide tips and actionable steps to living your best life even if you aren’t a millionaire. Founded in 2019, with the desire to help others through the complicated home building process, House Roots has become a place to inspire others to build a life that is true to their organic roots. Whether readers have a lot of experience -or none at all- House Roots has formed a community of resources and advice on subjects from seeing the world, to building a home, to building a nontoxic family lifestyle. Because of Amanda & David’s passion to travel, their love of design, homestead living and eating real whole foods, House Roots has been able to relate to the everyday family that is tired of the cookie cutter existence and wants to build a life that isn’t just like everyone else’s, but is instead, a representation of who they are: unprocessed, beautiful, healthy, whole and within their means.

“We wanted to get back to our roots… to a time when people took what little they had and made something beautiful, delicious or useful with it. We believe it is possible to live a beautiful & healthy life no matter what your budget is. Go ahead and dream big… even if you’ve never done it before!”

-probably said by someone else at some point… but also said by us.

where our roots began…

– Travel –

You see that Eiffel Tower pic? Yep- we met, fell in love and got engaged in Paris. I knew David was ‘the one’ the minute the beautiful city of Paris faded in the background and all I could see was this Filipino hunk! Six months later we hopped on a plane to get married in Hawaii, where David was born and raised. We realize we might have one of those stories that some people might roll their eyes at because it’s a little too sweet… but we wouldn’t have it any other way! Travel isn’t just something we like… it’s become part of who we are!

– Home –

Once we got married our traveling days weren’t over but we did discover a new dream… we didn’t simply want to wander… we realized a deep desire to put down roots someplace all our own. We wanted to build! We found 9 acres of forest lined by a beautiful stream in Ohio and knew it had to be our home! A place our hearts felt at rest.

We designed our custom build home with zero experience and lots of gumption. Now we’re sharing the hard learned lessons, tips & tricks and the inspiration that made building our dream home possible on a newly-wed budget.

– Health –

Thinking about building a home brought us to another conclusion… we are also ready to build our family. This big dream has taken us on a path of both heartbreak and growth. Because of the struggle of infertility we’ve had to change our lives drastically – for the better! This means getting rid of harmful chemicals and toxins, eating real whole foods, learning about food as medicine and what it really means to be healthy. Sharing healthy recipes, our journey of living an unprocessed life and the real life stuff of infertility has been both healing and (hopefully) helpful. The conclusion on this part of our story is still to be written… stay tuned!

– Us –

On a typical day… when we are feeling productive…you will find us making giant bonfires on our property, hiking or scouting for antiques (we’re admittedly, garage-sale-aholics). On lazy days you’ll probably find us snuggled up in a hammock or binge watching our favorite show and eating lots of snacks!